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How We Deliver High Quality Candidates

We work with some of the most prestigious private candidate networks to help you find highly skilled people.

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Step 1: Create a SpringRamp Account

Use our form below to create a user account. No credit card is required to create the account, you can buy job posting packages later.

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Step 2: Create a Job Posting

Once you register and purchase a listing package you can create a job posting. We then place your open position on selected private partner sites with high quality candidates.

Step 3: Receive Great Resumes

We will not deliver hundreds of resumes to your inbox. We deliver targeted candidates that have the background and experience that match your open position.

Step 4: Review and Interview

Our clients say 40% of the resumes they receive are great candidates for the posted position. They also tell us many of the resumes are perfect for other positions they have open.

Our Job Listing Packages


Job Posting
  • List one open position
  • Post lasts 30 days
  • Lists on 6 partner sites


Job Postings
  • List three open positions
  • Post lasts 30 days
  • Lists on 6 partner sites


Job Postings
  • List five open positions
  • Post lasts 30 days
  • List on 6 partner sites


Job Postings
  • List ten open positions
  • Post lasts 30 days
  • List on 6 partner sites
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We Have Answers

If you have questions, we have answers. Feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

We have relationships with the most prestigious private candidate networks available.  Your posting will not be available for the general public to view like other companies such as LinkedIn and Indeed. Once you register you can wee who is in our partner network.

On average you will receive 10 to 20 resumes per job posting.  Our clients have told us 40% of the resumes they receive are good fits.  Many of the other resumes they receive are great candidates for other positions they have open.

While we do ask for the mid-range salary for positions you post, we do not include that information on the job postings with our partners. Some of our posting partners ask for salary information to make sure the job opportunity is appropriate for their members.

Absolutely. Our goal is to match top talent to openings you have in your organization. If you get ten resumes for one position, you can hire all ten candidates for open positions in your company.  And you do not have to pay a dime extra. Try that with a headhunter!

No. For example, if you buy the “5 Position” package you can enter two jobs now and the other three slots will be in your account until you are ready to use them to post new open positions.

Our job posting network partners require the listings expire after 30 days.  We have found the vast majority of great candidates will respond to your posting within the first couple of weeks.

After we approve your registration we reveal who our job posting partners are.  We can tell you that they are some of the most prestigious sources of top talent available.

No. Unlike other companies who have a pay-per-click model, we charge a flat fee to post a position.  Your position will run for 30 days on our partner networks. We do not have any hidden charges or fees.

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