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Frequently asked job posting questions

At the top of this form is a list of our posting partners.  When you create a new position listing you will be able to choose which of these partners will post your position.  Only alumni of the MBA programs, or previous employees of the consulting companies will see your position posting.

Our posting partners require the contact information for a Hiring Manager or a recruiter.  Candidates with this level of experience want to send a resume directly to a person. 

The phone number of the hiring manger/recruiter is optional but a name and email address is required. You can also add a website link so the candidate can formally apply on your platform.

For the best results, we suggest you pick at least three posting partners to get a workable number of great candidates.  You can pick as many as you like, but you have to at least pick one.

In our experience, almost all of the candidates will respond  to your position within the first 15 days.  Our posts will remain active for 30 days.

We ask that you upload a job description so you are not required to type the details in our form. We will copy the information from the job description and place it in the posting for you.  Please make sure the document allows highlighting and copying the text.

We partner with some of the most prestigious consulting companies and MBA programs in the world.  These organizations have private career sites  only their alumni can access.  These are exceptional candidates with top MBA's and valuable career experience.  We never share your posting with the general public.  

No. Our goal is to deliver a limited number of high quality candidates for you open positions.  You only pay to post the position. Pay once and your done.

If you find candidates for other open positions in your company, feel free to hire all of them!

Our candidates have top educations and work experiences.  Our candidates are best suited for Associates and above. Many of our candidates have "C" level qualifying backgrounds, extensive experience, and top MBA's.

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