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Our listing partners, (top consulting companies and MBA programs) maintain private job listing boards for alumni as part of their career planning services.  These job boards are only viewable by alumni of the organizations. Your posting will not be available for the general public to view like other companies such as LinkedIn and Indeed. 

On average you will receive 10 to 20 resumes per job posting.  Our clients have told us 40% or more of the resumes they receive are great fits and many of the other resumes are great candidates for other open positions they currently have.  Also, our candidates are actively looking for new positions.

Our goal is to offer you a robust set of top candidates to choose from.  While we encourage you to select more than three posting partners, three should give you the minimum number of top candidates to evaluate.

Only the alumni of our partners will see your job posting.  Current employees of the companies or current MBA candidates do not have access to the alumni websites. 

Our job posting network partners require the listings expire after 30 days.  We have found the vast majority of great candidates will respond to your posting within the first couple of weeks.

No. Unlike other companies who have a pay-per-click model, we charge to post a position.  Your position will run for 30 days on our partner networks. We do not have any hidden charges or fees for clicks or per resume.

We accept credit cards and purchase orders.  If you intend to use purchase orders please give us a call or send an email (cs@springramp.com) so we can get you setup for that payment method.

It takes us 24-48 hours to review your position, send it to our posting partners and upon their approval, have it go live.

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